Yehudah with an aleph as the final/last letter instead of a hey #names

YY Bond

Does anybody know in which community (or a reason for) spelling the name
Yehudah with an aleph as a final letter instead of the more usual hey at the end i.e. יהודא  not יהודה
It is listed as part of the name of a father of the deceased. The full name  on the stone is Tsvi son of  "Chaim Yeudah" on a tombstone from 1904 in America.  
צבי בר חיים יהודא
Some research has shown that the spelling variant could be used in some Chasidic communities.  I have not been able to verify that. In this case, they were probably Skver Chasidim.
Yechezkel Bund


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