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Marc A. Polster <mpolster@...>

Dear Carol and the rest of H-SIG,

Thank you very much for the great news about the
JewishGen/SIG archives. I've been looking forward to this
announcement and would like to congratulate and thank you
and your team on this stunning accomplishment.

For those of you who might not yet fully appreciate the
significance of this new feature in the way we communicate:
we now have full searching capability and can search through
the database of old postings (past July 1998) to H-SIG (and
all the other SIGs and JewishGen postings too) to find
articles on any particular "key word". This archiving
feature will be useful to new members as one can have access
to all knowledge previously created/shared in this forum
(after a certain date). An immediate consequence of this is
that I will now discontinue maintaining a list of past
postings of significance on our web site (though I'll
maintain our data). I'll also soon add a link to go
directly to the archives >from our webpage. I'm sure many of
us will use this feature constantly.

Thanks again.

Marc Polster,
H-SIG Webmaster

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From: Carol Skydell <>
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Date: Monday, November 09, 1998 8:25 AM
Subject: SIG mailing lists now archived

Hello H-SIG

All messages posted to this list since July 1998 are now
archived and are searchable online. >from JewishGen's
homepage, click on Databases and then
The JewishGen SIG Lists message Archive - 1998

Carol Skydell
JewishGen Operations

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