Need help identifying locations and deciding where to research #galicia #poland #ukraine

Linda Strauss

I’m trying to find more of my grandfather’s siblings, but from the ship manifests of my grandfather and 2 of his siblings, I have no idea even which country to research! Any suggestions would be welcome. Other than the ship manifest, everything else just says “Austria” as it was all then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

My grandfather, Charles Platzman, born in 1893, came in using his father’s name and put his as his father’s. The best that I can tell from the manifest, the town is probably Pietrzykowice, Poland (when he came in 1911 it was Galicia, Austria)

His brother, David, born in 1886, came in 1908 from what I believe was Zalishchyky, Austria (Eastern Galicia), now in the Ukraine.

His sister, Goldie, born 1890, came to the U.S. in 1907, might be from Dobrzykowice Wrocławskie, Poland. I really can’t read what was written on the manifest.
I have their parts of the ship manifests in the picture below.

Linda Strauss
Monroe Twp, NJ

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