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Georg Gaugusch <e9526666@...>

I'll send this letter to the group too, because it might be of general

Dear Rabbi Marmorstein,=20

please note that there are several versions of Wachstein's article about
the jews in Preszburg, the last (and best) one is in Hugo Gold's book about
the Judengemeinde in Preszburg. All corrections he knew you'll find in his
Randbemerkungen. You'll find it in 11th volume of the Quellen und
Forschungen zur Geschichte der Juden in Deutsch-=D6sterreich, the same
volume includes his work about the jewish enterprises in the Viennese
Merkantilgericht (>from 1780 to 1830). If you need excerpts >from J=FCdisches
Archiv (1927-1929), Archiv f. jued. Familienforschung, Zeitschrift zur
jued. Familienforschung (Czellitzer), Zeitschrift zur Geschichte der Juden
in der Tschechoslowakei or the Excerpts by Hanns Jaeger-Sunstenau, who did
the 6th volume of the Schluessel just write to me. Copies are no problem.
Hanns Jaeger-Sunstenau, who is still alive, but very old, did a very famous
dissertation (in 1950) about nobilitated jewish families in Austria. He
used a lot of literature.

Best wishes >from Vienna to New York

Georg Gaugusch, Vienna

None of these works, neither Taglicht's, Schwarz's or Wachstein's are
complete. They just used the persons they were interested in. This is
understandable, because the Merkantilgericht and
Verlassenschaftsabhandlungen are a quite difficult matter to do research
in. So whan you can't find in these books, don't worry.

Georg Gaugusch, Vienna, e9526666@student.tuwien.ac.at

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