Re: why there are differences in Hamburg manifests #hungary

Marian Brown <mbrown@...>

Carol Skydell wrote:
"Ship passenger manifests were created to meet both business and
legal needs. Shipping companies needed passenger records
primarily for ticketing purposes. But these same companies were
subject to legal requirements imposed by governments of each of
the nations at whose ports the ship would call. Thus a variety
of records could be created in relation to any given voyage of a
commercial passenger ship."
Upon arrival in New York the captain was
required to submit an arrival manifest to the U. S. authorities.
this could account for the differences in handwriting as was
mentioned on this forum. The list contained the information
required under U.S. law. This explains why each manifest for
the same ship differed.

She goes on to describe the process....creation of the manifest
was most often the duty of the ships's purser. When the ship
arrived into a U.S. port, U.S. officials boarded the vessel and
received the manifest >from the ship's officers.
Carol - Thanks for trying to unconfuse us. But -- where can one find
the manifest created by the ship's purser or whomever? I have looked at
the embarkation Hamburg lists?


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