Announcing the publication of: "The Real Oskar Schindler and his List" #JewishGenUpdates

Susan Rosin

JewishGen Press is proud to announce our 140th title:  "The Real Oskar Schindler and his List" by dr. Robin O'Neil.
308 pages with original photographs, 6.69" x 9.61"
The book is available in hardcover and paperback editions.
Name Indexing by: Jonathan Wind
Cover Design by: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper
Oskar Schindler was a naive optimist, a chronic alcoholic, a lover of women outside his marriage to Emily Pelzl. The Jews he saved used to say, “Thank God he was more faithful to us than to his wife.” Will the enigma ever be solved? Schindler is not here to tell us, and the survivors are uncertain and differ in their opinions. The establishment and Schindler's business associates in Krakow had opposing views of his ethics and would have preferred to sit on the fence and hope the Schindler story would retreat into the archives. Schindler's friends and enemies accept that he was a very unusual man. A few of the Jews that he saved maintain, after all these years, that they still consider him a Nazi and exploiter of Jewish slave labor. Others swear their love for the man. That he used Jewish slave labor to enrich himself is not questioned, nor are his endeavors to eventually save his Jewish laborers. The author forensically re-examines the life and times of Oskar Schindler with surprising results.
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Susan Rosin
JG Press Publications Manager

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