Jews who immigrated from the Pale to Harbin, China #records

Elise Miller <elisefmiller@...>


On the various databases, I do not see how to get documents for Jews who arrived in HARBIN, CHINA from Russia’s Pale, in the early 20th century. They came for opportunity beginning 1903, and to flee pogroms and other difficulties from 1905 through 1931.


How can I get documents, such as passenger lists (perhaps to San Francisco or Seattle), on freighters or other unusual circumstances, for the Jews of Harbin, China? Other ports are Yokohama, Japan. Vital Records would also be helpful, and also seem to be missing.


I am looking for surnames Genkin (US-Jenkin or Jenkins), Yacovson (US-Jacobson) and Keosiff (US-Kesiloff), probably from Belarus. Thank you!


Elise Frances Miller

San Mateo, CA



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