Gesher Galicia News Update for Monday March 7th #galicia #general #ukraine #poland

Steven Turner

Gesher Galicia News Update for Monday March 7th

1. From Mykhailo Zubar, Gesher Galicia's representative in Ukraine

Vinnytsia, 15:30 Ukraine time [13:30 GMT/UTC, March 7]

We left Kyiv yesterday morning, taking just ordinary luggage, with our clothes and important personal papers. The decision was very difficult for us, because we have absolutely no certainty that we will ever return home. However, it was already becoming unsafe in Kyiv. The artillery fire moved closer and more explosions were heard near our area. In addition, we were afraid that we would not be able to leave Kyiv, just as the residents of Kharkov, Mariupol and some other cities cannot now leave. Therefore, we decided to go to Vinnytsia. The 300 km road, which is usually traveled in three hours, this time took ten hours. Everywhere there were a huge number of cars and congested traffic and nowhere was gasoline available at gas stations. We had a full tank, so we managed to drive here. At present, you can leave Kyiv only on one road, the one to the south. The road to Zhytomyr has been blown up and Russian troops are stationed on it. Therefore, we drove as far south as possible, which was to Uman, and from there we turned west to Vinnytsia. After arriving here worn out in the late evening, we slept well, for the first time in many days.

It is much calmer here. There's not much fighting going on yet, only huge lines for gas stations, with only 20 liters of gas allowed for one car. Today, after waiting an hour and a half, we filled up on fuel for the car. If new dangers come up here we will try to go further west.

All the same, we cannot feel completely safe here either. Yesterday a rocket attack was carried out on Vinnytsia airport and we saw columns of smoke when we passed by later.

These messages between us in Ukraine and you in the world outside, in these difficult early days of the war, are very important. They prevent us from falling into despair, and I really feel supported.

2. From Kateryna Mytsan, former deputy director of the State Archive of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (DAIFO), and an archival advisor to Gesher Galicia:

Ivano-Frankivsk, March 7

Thank you for your latest message. You have no idea how important it is for us to feel the support of the rest of the world!

Steven S. Turner

President, Gesher Galicia 


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