Need help finding Lithuanian external/internal passport of my grandfather #lithuania

Mark Horowitz <msh@...>

I asked the Lithuanian Archives for records on my grandfather, Samuel Horowitz, but they couldn't find them. The Ellis Island manifest said he arrived under the name "Zalmann Horwitz" with his mother and siblings in 1921 at age 19. I asked the archives again to search under that name, the Lithuanian version of Horowitz (Gurvitz), and the surname Dokshytsy (possible real name according to family folklore), but no luck. I understood there was no way he could have left Lithuania without a passport, and his name in the passport should have matched the name on the manifest, although his Alien Registration form showed he arrived under the name Zalman Gurvitz.

I know the Litvak SIG holds a collection of internal passports, but I'm not sure which region to search. US documents show that he and his sibling were born in Hoduciszki (aka Adutiskis), which is northeast of Vilnius. The manifest showed his last residence was Wirballen (aka Virbalis), west of Vilnius, but I saw on the shtetl website that the town was mostly abandoned during World War I. So, I suppose that could have been his last permanent residence before moving from town to town before he left.

Any help, suggestions, tips to unravel the mystery would be appreciated. Thank you.

Mark Horowitz


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