Re: newspaper ads searching for relatives after WWII #usa



Maybe it was the "Aufbau", a newspaper for emigrants in German language. There you can find ads where emigrants searched for their relatives lost in Europe and also death notices which mention relatives who lived in different parts of the world. Death notices often mention the place in Europe where the deceased person lived before the emigration and the place where he/she lived after the emigration. 

On this Online-Archives you'll find the "Aufbau" and several other German newspapers from different parts of Germany. You can search with all names and places who could appear in the ads or death notices.

For those who are searching in Germany or Austria there are more Online-Archives with newspapers with search ads or "Verschollenenaufrufen", like for example for Austria: or for South Tyrol;jsessionid=D17059F77A53DCC3F61F94439CBC120B


Corinne Iten

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