Re: Any information on the map locations of the jewish ghettos set up in uzgorhrod #ukraine

Bruce Drake

I don't know if this helps, but I saw the following:


From 45aid society, founded by a group of child Holocaust survivors:


On 21 April 1944 two ghettos were established outside the town. One in the ghettos was in a brick factory, which belonged to the Jewish Moschkowitch family and the other in a timber warehouse, owned by the Gluck family, who were also Jewish. Jews from the surrounding area were brought into the ghettos and approximately 25,000 people were held there. Other member of the Boys from neighbouring towns and villages were also taken to the ghetto in Uzhorod, among them Rushka Swartz from Seredne, Moric Friedman from Velky Berezny, now Velykyi Bereznyi and Lazar Brandt from Medzilaborce.


In June 1944, the majority of the ghetto’s inhabitants were sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp in occupied Poland.


From YIVO encylopedia:

During the Hungarian reoccupation of the region, from 1939 until the end of World War II, local Magyars spearheaded the persecution of Ungvár Jewry. In 1944, the Jews of Ung county were concentrated and sent to a ghetto; this policy began on 16 April, and two days later Jews were forced into a brick factory and lumberyard outside the city. Some 25,000 persons were confined with inadequate supplies of food and water; soon, the outbreak of epidemics provided the mayor with an excuse for deportations. The first transport left for Auschwitz on 17 May, the fifth and last on 31 May 1944.

Bruce Drake
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