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Barbara Kenzer

I have had issues with family search and family tree.  My tree was dissolved my someone changing everything I put on. Family search did nothing and family tree was not any better. I have not put my tree back on anywhere, because nothing is safe. I have not found FTM safe. I am looking for a tree that I can invite someone to enter my tree. Ancestry is expensive for me.
Barbara Kenzer 

On Sat, Mar 12, 2022, 8:31 PM Peter Straus <pstrausSF@...> wrote:

Clearly this has touched a nerve and become a popular thread!  So here’s my two cents:

  1. I keep my master file on my computer (using FTM), with lots of backups.
  2. I link it to Ancestry, with the following controls and for the following reasons:
    1. FTM synchronizes with Ancestry from within the program, so it’s easy to maintain the online version.
    2. My tree is private, so it can only be accessed by those to whom I give permission.  But it can be publicly searched on Ancestry, so independent researchers can find individuals in my database, and contact me for more information or access.  That to me is a good compromise that maintains control while allowing free public access for searching.  I can also control whether a researcher has access to living individuals’ data.
    3. Ancestry includes source data from my FTM tree.  It’s a bother, but to me inclusion of source data is absolutely essential, as it is often the only way to distinguish credible from spurious “information,” especially when we are no longer curating our trees ourselves.  I’m sure we all can tell tales about trees built around fictitious assertions.   Frankly, the absence of source data is one of my major complaints about the FTJP.


--peter straus

  San Francisco

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