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Andee Weinberg

On 3/12/2022 9:19 AM, Andreas Schwab via wrote:
The area is Alsace, not Alsace-Lorraine. Alsace-Lorraine as a political entity existed only during the German annexation 1870-1919. In 1842 and 1865, Alsace was French, not German. 
Filae has supposedly indexed all Alsace records held by the departmental archives of Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhin, but there is no Lehman(n) Marx. 

On Mar 11, 2022, at 23:29, Sheri Prager <iguana7slp@...> wrote:

Lehmann Marx (my great great grandfather) was born in 1842 in Alsace Lorraine/Germany, father’s name probably Samuel, mother’s name unknown. He immigrated to the US in 1865. I have all his census records (New York), his death record (1905), several obituaries, most of his 14 children’s birth records. I have searched for 25 years and can’t find what city he was born in. I have information about his wife’s family (Meyer from Drachenbronn) two generations and more beyond her. They did not get married in Drachenbronn or any nearby town, and I’ve searched a lot of them, but I believe they were married before they immigrated. In January I sent the Livingston Masonic Library a check with a letter asking if they had his application, but if I ever hear from them I don’t expect to learn anything new.


Where else can I search? I don’t think I’m missing anything obvious, but I’m stumped. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you for any help.
Sheri Prager
Vancouver, WA

Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Have you tried has many French/German records

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