Looking for information on MORRIS ISRAEL and his sister CHAWE ISRAEL #names #usa

Lois Cohen

My maternal g grandfather was Pincus Israel.    HIs son Jacob Israel was my maternal grandfather.  Pincus Israel and Jacob Israel settled in Baltimore, Maryland before 1900.   Pincus died 1912 in Baltimore, Maryland.   Jacob died 1925 in Baltimore, Maryland. 
      On September 20, 1906, Morris Israel , age 16, and his sister  Chawe Israel, age 18,  arrived in Baltimore Maryland. .  Morris and Chawe had departed form Bermen, Germany.    Morris and his sister  stated their last residence was   Ostrolenka , Russia.   .  They  were going to their brother , Jacob Israel  at 1517 Bank Street.    My grandfather was living at that address . My late mother, Bessie Israel , was born April 1906 at that address. 

   In 1908, Morris was living at 1215 McElderry Street in Baltimore.  He was single .  His occupation was listed as a driver. 

 We have been unable to find what happened to Morris Israel and his sister Chawe Israel.  Did they marry/?  Did they have children?  Did they move to another state?  Does anyone have answers? 
Lois Cohen
Rhode Island

ISRAEL ( Czechoslovakia , Ostrolenka  Russia/ Poland , Maryland )
BRAYNOS, BRYNES  ( Boguslav, Cherkassy, Ukraine) 
EXTER ( Oronym, Ukraine) 
FELDMANN / FELDMAN ( Kamenetz Podolsky , Ukraine) 
PLADKIR / PLOTKE / PLOTKA / PLOTKER ( Kalinovka , Zinkov, Ukraine)
ABRAMS ( Kamenetz  Podolsky, Ukraine) 
PEPPER (  Kalinovka, Ukarine) 
LESCHINSKY ( Moshny,  Cherkassy, Kiev, Gorodische, , Ukraine)
YUDITSKY/ UDITSKY/ UDIS/ UDELL ( Moshny, Cherkassy, Kiev Ukraine ) 

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