Question re ship to the united states without immigration #usa

michelle moshelian

I'm not at all familiar with U.S. records so please bear with me!
I found a record (below) on Ancestry that appears to be my ancestor travelling to the United States from Ireland. He was back in Ireland by 1899 and lived there until his death.
My questions are:
If someone wasn't immigrating to the US (though I imagine he was considering it as a young man) what records might I find? 
Would the ship likely have stopped at another port before Philadelphia? 
If the ship left the UK 27 June 1895, when would it have arrived in the US?
Will there be outgoing ship records from the U.S. back to Ireland or England?
Thank you for any insight!!!
Michelle Moshelian 
Name: Solomon Kropman
Gender: Male
Departure Age: 19
Birth Date: abt 1876
Departure Date: 27 Jun 1895
Departure Port: England
Ship Name: Indiana
Search Ship Database: Search for the Indiana in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
Destination Port: Philadelphia, USA
Master: Townshend

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