Gesher Galicia News Update from Ukraine for Monday March 14th #galicia #general #poland #ukraine

Steven Turner

From Mykhailo Zubar, Gesher Galicia's representative in Ukraine:

Vinnytsia, 19:30 local time [17:30 GMT/UTC, March 14]

"The weekend passed relatively calmly in Vinnytsia, with only occasional air raid sirens reminding us of the war. In Kyiv, where some of my department colleagues still are, it was relatively quiet. Not far  from the city there was heavy artillery fire and the air defense system and sirens were working, which people here have already become accustomed to and don't pay too much attention to.

However, in Kyiv today, not only rockets but also artillery fire began again. In Obolon, a district in the north of the city, a shell hit a residential building. Not far from our own house is the Antonov civil aviation plant, which was hit by rockets this morning. In addition, a Russian rocket was shot down over a residential area near Babi Yar, falling on residential buildings. Friends in Kyiv have written to me, reporting that the intensity of artillery fire around the city has increased today, becoming audible even in those areas where it had not been heard before.

I still have no direct connection with Mariupol and the residents who remained there. According 

to media reports, heavy fighting is going on in the city and the civilian population has not been able to leave. We have not been able to establish contact with any of our acquaintances from Mariupol."

Steven S. Turner

President, Gesher Galicia 


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