Re: I have never seen this before on a headstone #translation #general

Dr.Josef ASH

1. She was Bathya (pronounced as Batya, the second letter in Hebrew is tav, which is "T" in Hebrew, but "S" in Yiddish (gut shabeS)
2. She was Batya BAT-TSIYON, I think it is her surname and doesn't mean she was  Tsiyon's daughter.
3. she was "daughter of Yaakov-Moshe HAKOHEN"
4. do you know the surname of the husband Yehuda Lejb s/o Tsvi? Wasn't he BEN-TSIYON? BAT-TZLYON?
5. the status of cohen nobody "earns", it comes from the father and cannot be "lost". (should ask some Rabbi, if I am right in this point )

Josef ASH, Israel

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