Breakthrough. Found birth record of Ester Shants #hungary

Dennis Baer <dbaer@...>

Hello to the group and especially to those researching Munkacs.

I got somewhat of a breakthrough today. After I had sent a letter to the
Zakarpatskaya State Archives in the Ukraine a few months ago I got a letter
from the NY Region Ukrainian Embassy stating that they found a birth
certificate for Mrs Ester Shants.

I had originally inquired about Mendel (Max, Manny) Schantz and not Ester
Schantz so apparently they looked at various spellings of the surname and
came up with my great aunt Esther. The year of birth matches what I know of
1891 and the father's and mother's names appeared to match what the man told
me >from the Ukrainian Embassy.

I have a dilemma. The certificate comes as a transcript and not a copy of
the actual birth record. It does not mention where the family lived in
Munkacs and it does not appear the one of my grandfather which I wanted so I
could give the certificate to my mother. If these certificates cost 10
dollars I would jump at getting anyone of them but at 40 dollars I may wait
a month or two which I can do since the man told me they would keep the
record in NY for 2 to 3 months. I have 2 people who claim to have access to
these archives which shall rmeain nameless. I will see what they can come up
with in the meantime. Also even though the Zakarpatskaya State archives in
Uzhgorod only has the record for Ester perhaps another of the few archives
in Uzhgorod might have others or even in Mukachevo.

In any case I can claim a breakthrough. The people at the Ukraine archives
in Uzghorod have found record of one of my family. They have done well. We
should encourage them to continue to do well. It does appear daunting though
to get told that's the only one they found. That would mean if the case
noone could find records for her brothers or sisters or her parents or so on
down the line which I eventually want to find. But hey I just appeared to
have cracked the wall. Months ago I had nothing and now I have 1 sitting
here in NY City ready to pay for. I will see. Perhaps in a month I shall I
get the certificate.

Thank you for the help >from the group, espcially Louis Schonfeld, George
Eotvos, and Jordan Auslander.

Dennis Baer

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