Re: Cohen/Feldmans in Washington, D.C. #lithuania #usa


Here are the various names -- there are a lot of them!

First Generation

Bruno (Borukh) Cohen, Bessie (Batsheba) Cohen Feldman, Meyer Cohen, Ida Cohen Feldman, Sarah Cohen Feldman, Fannie Cohen Cohen, Nathan Cohen, Moses Cohen (last two spent time in Norfolk, VA)

Second Generation

Ida Cohen Churgin, Mary Feldman, Abraham Feldman, Herman Feldman, Tessie Feldman Jaffe, Rose Feldman, Rebecca Feldman, Faye Feldman, Isadore (one in D.C., one in Norfolk), Herman Feldman, Mary Feldman Porter,  Bertha Cohen Warren, Cecelia Cohen Ritner, BEssie Cohen Schenofsky,  Mary Cohen Scheer,

Lynn Dumenil

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