The Notebook from Auschwitz - Slovakian names #hungary

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Dear Jewishgener,

I found following book at my library:
"Emberirt=E1s - Emberment=E9s. Sv=E9d k=F6vetjelent=E9sek 1944-b=F6l. Az =
Edited: Kataliz=E1tor Iroda - Budapest 1994
V=E1llogata, forditotta a bevezet=E9st =E9s a jegyzeteket irta: Bajtay Pe=
ISBN 963 7467 27 0

The book contains the translation to Hungarian of the messages send by th=
Swedish Ambassador Carl Ivan Danielsson to the Swedish Foreign Ministry
Department. among the documents it is also something called "The Notebook
from Auschwitz". I am willing to post these 25 pages to those of you who
are interested by one of the names mentioned in the Notebook (see list
bellow).The text is in Hungarian.

*This Notebook arrived to Budapest in April (1942) where it was translate=
to Hungarian in 6 copies. The Hungarian Jewish leaders begun to distribut=
it only on the 2nd June. It arrived to Switzerland on 19th-20th June. The
Swedish Ambassy came over it probably at the same date. The information i=
made in German.

This Notebook was written by 2 young slovak Jews, Walter Rosenberg (Rudo=
Vrba) and Alfred Wetzler (Josef Lanik) who where deported in 1942 from
Slovakia and spend 2 years one in Birkenau, Auschwitz and the other in
Lublin-Majdanek and miraculously suceeded to escape. One of them was take=
on 13th April >from the concentration camp Szered to Auschwitz and then to
Birkenau, the other on 14th June 1942 >from Nowaky to Lublin and then to
Auschwitz and Birkenau

In this Notebook (ca 25 pages) there are some names mentioned.=20
Ladislau Braun - Nagyszombat
Gross - Verbo
Viktor Mordarki=20
Zucker and Wilhelm Sonnenschein >from East Slovakia
Matthias Kelin - East Slovakia
Meilech Laufer - East Slovakia
Jozef Zelmanovics - Snina
Adolf Kahan - Pozsony
Walter Reichmann - Sucany
Esther Kahan - Pozsony
Torres and Leon Blum
Dr Mandel Zoltan - Eperjes
Nikolaus Engel - Zsolna
Chaim Katz - Snina
Ludwig Katz - Zsolna
Avri Burger - pozsony-Poprad
Nikolaus Steiner - Vag- Beszterce
Gerog Fried - Trencsen
Buchwald, Josef Rosenwasser, -East Slovakia
Julius Neumann - Bartfa
Alexander Wertheimer - Verbo
Michael Wertheimer - Verbo
Bela Blau - Zsolna
Alexander Weisz - Nagyszombat
Franz Wagner - Nagyszombat
Oskar Steiner - Nagyszombat
Desider Wetzler - Nagyszombat
Aladar Spitzer - Nagyszombat
Bela Weisz - Nagyszombat
Fredy Hirsch - Prag
Furst Rozsi - Szered
Laufer Ruzenko - Prag
Hugo Langsfeld - Prag
Walter Spitzer - Nemsova
Josef Neumann - Snina
Luis Eisenstadter - Korompa
Josef Zelmanovics
Luis Solmann - Kezsmark
Chaim Ketz - Snina
Ernst Rosim - Zsolna
Dr Andreas Muller - Podolinec
Walter Spitzer - Nemsova

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

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