What language did Jews speak near Lemberg in the late 1800's and early 1900's #galicia #general


My grandparents were born in Bobrka (near Lemberg, Lviv) in around 1880.   They moved to Vienna in 1905.   I am curious what language(s) they spoke.  I assume they spoke Yiddish as their primary language.  But did they go to public schools and did they learn German?  Would they have spoken Polish?  Ukrainian?   What kind of education would they have received?  They were not from the highly educated class.  My grandfather was a furrier.    I'm sure they spoke German in Austria, but was it a Yiddish inflected German?  Since my grandfather was in a small business, I'm assuming he must have known how to read and write some German.   They lived in the 2nd district which was primarily Jewish.   

George Frankel, San Francisco, Ca.
Researching:  Beller, Bleich, Frankel, Zell  from Bobrka and Mykolaiv (now Ukraine).

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