1919 Yiddish newspaper article about return of correspondent from Ukraine #ukraine #yiddish

Rick Luftglass

With the repeated tragedies in Ukraine, I wanted to share a 1919 article about my great uncle, Boris Bieley (ביעלי, transliterated as Bieli), upon his return to NYC from Ukraine after serving as a foreign correspondent investigating anti-Semitism in 1918-19, the time of horrific pogroms. Volunteers on @JewishGen Viewmate kindly translated it for me.


Here we are again, with people suffering again in Ukraine.


Next, I hope to get translations for the articles he filed from Ukraine. This article refers to one, but I've found several others, thanks to the digitized version of the Jewish Daily News (Yidishes Tageblatt) on the @NationalLibraryofIsrael Historic Jewish Newspapers collection.





“Tageblatt" Correspondent, B. Bieli, Back From Ukraine


arrived in Russia at the start of the Bolshevik revolution and brought important information about the Jewish situation



Mr. Boris Bieli, who travelled to Russia in 1917 as “Tageblatt” correspondent, returned last Friday on the ship “Touraine” from [Le] Havre.


Mr. Bieli arrived in Russia when the Bolshevik revolution broke out. The cable and letter traffic from America was cut off. This is the reason why we have received so little correspondence from him.


Mr. Bieli spent the whole time in different cities in Ukraine. As soon as he found out that the French [army] had taken the port of Odessa, he departed from there and came here through Marseille and [Le] Havre.


“In general, the Jewish situation in Ukraine is terrible,” Mr. Bieli explained “Life is not safe and with it have and good .The Jews are scapegoated by all parties. The Jews always find themselves between a few fires.


Mr. Bieli brought a lot of important information about the Jewish situation in Ukraine and details of the pogroms which took place there. His news will be printed in Tageblatt.”


The first report with the details and names of the pogrom’s victims in Zhytomyr will be printed tomorrow.


Caption under the picture: Boris Bieli



Rick Luftglass
Brooklyn, NY


Locations of interest.
Pcim (Myslenice county), Poland
Oswiecim, Poland
Andrychow, Poland
Gdow, Poland
Narajow (present-day Ukraine)
Namestovo (present-day Slovakia)
Bogopol (present-day Pervomaisk, Ukraine)

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