Re: (Canada and US) 60 Minutes Program on Sunday March 27 Artificial Intelligence Ability to Converse With Holocaust Survivors Even After They Die #holocaust

mary benedict

For UK residents, a very comparable project exists at The National Holocaust Centre and Museum, in Nottinghamshire, England.  They call it "The Forever Project".  Quoing from their website:
"The Forever Project
Antisemitism is resurgent and Holocaust denial is on the rise. The testimony of those who were there is crucial. But Holocaust survivors will not always be with us.


This is why we created The Forever Project — an award-winning interactive experience that lets you not just watch a survivor talk, but have a question & answer session with one. Even when they are no longer alive.


Ask a question and their life-sized digital projection will answer you from a vast set of pre-filmed replies.


The Forever Project has been so successful that we are now developing new online and Virtual Reality versions."
"The educational benefit of The Forever Project is priceless. It preserves the experience schoolchildren currently have: interacting with a survivor. More than textbooks and videos, these interactions maximise children’s understanding of the Holocaust — and crucially, their ability to relate it to contemporary issues of hate and prejudice.



So far, we have recorded ten Holocaust survivors for The Forever Project. There are many more we need to record. But with survivors now in their 80s and 90s, time is running out."

If you visit their site (, there are opportunities to contribute to this important project.

Mary Benedict
SW Herts, UK

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