Re: (Canada and US) 60 Minutes Program on Sunday March 27 Artificial Intelligence Ability to Converse With Holocaust Survivors Even After They Die #holocaust

J Antrich

So-called 'interviews with Holocaust survivors' using AI, as developed in North America and the UK, are a terrible idea. They are fiction. They suggest to impressionable children (and adults) that real people are giving real answers, whereas the answers have been generated by technicians using algorithms. At best they are dramatic reconstructions. They are counter-educational. They devalue the importance of doing historical research into the undoctored archive material that has been preserved and properly documented. They are dangerous - they fuel the flame of Holocaust-denial by permitting the idea that any answers could come from any questions. Using these methods it would be quite easy to create answers indicating that the survivors had quite a nice time under Nazi rule. 
Jeremy Antrich
Surbiton, England 

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