Re: Trying to Find Potential Jewish Ancestors #germany

Nettie Edwards

Your conne ta leave me wondering if I should just give up the search for my European Jewish forebears. Morris Jacubs arrived in the U.K. during the latter half of tge 1869s (not exactly sure when) he gave his birthdate as 1846 and named his father as Jacub Jacubs. As he appears to have spoken only Hebrew when he arrived, could he not have given the name of Jacubs twice, when asked for his father’s name? Unfortunately, I am not making much headway in identifying his exact birthplace in Congress Poland (written, by English clerks, as ”BOLSLAVIA”. Currently working with DNA painter but I fear the available matches are too low to be that useful. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying expanding my understanding of Jewish culture and European history! 
So thank you for your insights! 
best wishes, Nettie Edwards

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