Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia

Wendy Kalman

I thought you might want to see this article -- there is a massive effort right now to back up all kinds of archives in Ukraine: 

Also -- would you have any idea where the Mogilev-Podolsky projects stand? JewishGen reported quite a while back (end of 2020: but I didn't see an update.

I also found these and,%20LastChange_Date%20DESC, but there aren't dates or timelines that I can see. 

Thank you SO much.

Wendy Kalman
Acworth, GA

Mogilev Podolsky: BERG and TEPLITSKY
Kamenetz-Podolsky: TEPLITSKY, SIMON
Pogrebische, Ladyzhyn, and Odessa: KELMANSKY. MALKIS, COHEN
Berdynove: BURDA
Berdichev: GERSHBERG

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