Re: Women profession in vital records. #general

Norma Klein

Quite the opposite- at least in Western Europe, in the rural area in Germany and France, (palatinate and alsace lorraine). There following “enlightenment” people started to follow “modern ideas” to the point of bringing organ music to synagogue. (You’ll find a newspaper article regarding this event in the Zweibruecken synagogue if you check with the town finder).
My (Jewish) grandmother (born 1887) and all of her sisters and sisters in law had professions, they were milliners, hatmakers, seemstresses and even shop owners.
Most quit working full time by the time they got married, usually in their mid-twenties by then, but often kept working from home if possible.
According to my mother it was a source of pride, for the women and the families.

Norma Klein
Researching Wolf, Appel/Apfel, Mueller, Reh, Bloch Alsace Lorraine, Palatinate, Luxembourg

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