Re: Trying to Find Potential Jewish Ancestors #germany

Andreas Schwab

From Before WWII, Bolesławiec was in Germany and called Bunzlau. The town lies in Lower Silesia, which became part of Prussia in 1742. Bunzlau was captured by the Soviet army on Feb. 12, 1945. At that time, the largest part of the German population of Silesia had fled west. Today, Bolesławiec, like the whole area that became western Poland in 1945, is inhabited by the Polish population which was driven out by the Soviets from what is today's western Ukraine and western Belarus.   
So if "Bolslavia" was in Congress Poland, it could not be identical with Bolesławiec. It would be helpful if you gave us scan or the link to a scan of the document where Bolslavia is mentioned.
Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

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