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Sherri Bobish

Hi Dana,

I hope that some of the following may be of help to you in your research.

Best regards,  Sherri Bobish

"Leaflets, posters and programs published by the *Fusgeyer* groups,"
"My great-grandfather Morris Schreiber was a fusgeyer. At 21, in 1900, the tinsmith walked out of Bucharest with two brothers and a sister-in-law. They left their parents behind, never to see them again. They walked 1,000 miles from Bucharest to Amsterdam. Kindly and powerful helpers aided them along the way, and they arrived at the Poor Jews’ Temporary Shelter in London on July 8. Philanthropic transmigration funds allowed them to board a converted troop carrier in Liverpool, bound for Canada. On July 24 the immigrants arrived in Montreal, where they were supported by a wealthy Jewish baron in Germany, who provided educational and employment opportunities. Morris worked his way south on the Great Lakes shipping lanes, eventually landing in Chicago, where he married my great-grandmother Schaindel Blumenfeld, who also had escaped Romanian anti-Semitism following the pogrom in Iasi in 1899. Morris and Schaindel had a daughter who had a son who became a Latter-day Saint who had a son who is a Latter-day Saint and is from the tribe of Judah."

World of Our Fathers, by Irving Howe

The Wayfarers, by Stuart F. Tower

Finding home : in the footsteps of the Jewish fusgeyers, by Jill Culiner

ROM-SIG NEWS. A Special Interest Group Journal for ROMANIAN JEWISH GENEALOGY. Fusgeyer Group from Town of Roman in Romania on journey to Hamburg, 1900

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