Jankel for Jacob? #names


I have a couple of references in civil records to a "Jankel Holdengraber" as a sondek/witness for a couple of family events. I can find no other references to him.

Each of those events would be for affairs involving the children of first cousins of a "Jacob Holdengraber" at the same time. None of the several references to this Jacob refer to him as Jankel, though.

I'm curious for others' opinions: should I assume Jankel and Jacob are the same person? Does it make sense to guess that, when he was recorded for civil purposes as the central figure (as the groom or father) he went with the formal Jacob, but that -- when the event focused on others and he was just a witness -- he was at times more casually reported by his likely in-the-home name?

Thanks for insights or experience anyone can share.
Joe Kraus

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