Re: US Civil War and Union Veterans #usa


My GG grandfather served in one of the two totally Jewish regiments in the Union Army. It was the Concordia Guards in Chicago. It was raised in a matter of days and spearheaded by the most prominent Jews in the city. It was later incorporated into the 82nd Illinois that served in every major battle including Gettysburg. There is extensive information on the Concordia Guards and listing of members in “The History of The Jews of Chicago” by H.L. Meites and also an extensive discussion of them in “Yankee Dutchmen Under Fire” by Joseph R. Reinhart. He has very interest and often amusing information on Jewish soldiers in Illinois translated from German language newspapers and other sources.
Fran Luebke
LOEB, MOSS/MAAS, HYMAN, MANNHEIMER, LINDENTHAL and other Chicago Jewish families.

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