JGS of Greater Orlando Virtual meeting (free). GEDMatch.com - Should I upload or not? #dna #announcements #education


April 26, 2022, 7:00 EDT



GEDmatch.com - Should I Upload or Not?

 Arthur Sissman

GEDmatch is a free DNA comparison and analysis website for people who have tested their autosomal DNA using a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company. It is another tool in the genealogist’s tool box, especially for those with a focus on genetic genealogy. Whether and how to use it is the topic of Arthur Sissman’s upcoming presentation.


The presentation will try to answer the following questions:


  • What is GEDmatch?
  • Why Should I Upload My Raw Data to GEDmatch?
  • What Questions Can GEDmatch Answer for Me?
  • Is GEDmatch Hard to Manipulate?
  • How Much Does GEDmatch Cost?
  • What are the Best Tools to Use At GEDmatch?


His presentations are all about process - so be ready!


  • This will be a freewheeling, fast moving demo of the power of GEDmatch and why you should use the GEDmatch Free Tools OR Not!  
  • If you are a GEDmatch user of Free Tools already, pick 2 matches (one can be you), use another device and try to play along with Arthur. Or Not!
  • If you want to be ready for his action packed performance, watch all the videos below (scroll down), even if you don’t upload your raw data to GEDmatch yet.  Or do nothing!
  • Arthur will present for about 1:15 hr and then take questions.

Videos to watch whether you’ve uploaded or NOT!


What is GEDmatch? How Does it Help Genetic Genealogists?  Andy Lee, Feb 19, 2019

Getting Started with GEDmatch Andy Lee, FHF Sept 3 2019

GEDmatch for Beginners: The Best Order to Use The Tools  Andy Lee. Jan 20, 2021. 

4 Tools presented:

  1. Are you’re parents related?  Jun 11, 2019
  2. One-to-Many Tool - Limited Version   Apr 9, 2019, 8:42 min start
  3. People Who Match Both Tool 1, of 2 kits = Shared Matches - Sept 22, 2021  Improved version.
  4. One-to-One Autosomal Comparison on GEDmatch
  5. User Lookup  - Apr 16, 2019, not included in the list above, but important.


Registration is required for this meeting. 

here to register. 

A link to access the Zoom meeting will be sent to registrants a few days before the meeting.


Diane M. Jacobs
Winter Park, Florida

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