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To those researching Schonberger:

I was reading "The Memoirs of Margaret S. Mahler" and discovered that her father was Gusztav Schonberger

He was born in Ferto-Szent Nikos, a town near Sopron.
He was a graduate of the medical school of Vienna University and became
a general practitioner who held the rank of chief public health officer of
the district. He held a membership in "the local exclusive club being one of only two or three Jews so "honoured".

Apparently, Sopron also had the Austrian name of Odenburg.
The family lived in the Gyoery Palota (Palais of the Railroad Company) a
complex of apartment houses inhabited by railroad execs.

Margaret was born in Sopron on May 10, 1997.[mod.- could be 1797 or 1897!]

Her mother, Eugenia Wiener Schonberger, came >from Lakenbach [mod.-also spelled Lukenbach], a German-speaking Swabian town. She had a younger sister named Suzanne.

Margaret moved to the US in the late thirties and died there in the 80's in
her 80's.Her papers are in the Yale Archives.

The book was edited by Paul E. Stepansky and published The Free Press, a div of Macmillan in 1988 [ISBN 0-02-931260].


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