Re: Seeking help to access Podol Gibernia vital records #ukraine #records

Wendy Kalman

Hi Naomi,

If you open in Chrome, you can opt to Translate to English (right click if it doesn't automatically pop up). I did that -- and although I do not see the specific town  syou mentioned, there are district wide census and and other records there, it still may be worth looking into.

To search for actual records, if you don't have somene to do it for you, I would sugget trying to use Google Translate to get the Cyrillic name you want and then using Steve Morse's tool to get it in handwriting. This is what I guess I have t do next, although I am hoping to find someone to help out first :-) 


Wendy Kalman
Acworth, GA 

Mogilev Podolsky: BERG and TEPLITSKY
Kamenetz-Podolsky: TEPLITSKY, SIMON
Pogrebische, Ladyzhyn, and Odessa: KELMANSKY
Ladyzhyn and Odessa: MALKIS, COHEN
Berdynove: BURDA
Berdichev and Odessa: KRAPEL, GERSHBERG
Tulchin: POTTEL

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