Questionnaire in context of the Population Census, Budapest 1945 #hungary #israel

Margarita Lacko



Doing a search in Yad Vashem’s Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names I came across the name of my grandfather, Jeno LEICHT. I knew he survived the war because he lived with us in Argentina.


Clicking on the link, I see that this is based on a questionnaire he filled out in 1945. He also filled out one for his daughter Vera. I could not find his wife’s name nor his son’s (my father). I also found the name of my grandfather’s brother who lived in the same building (didn’t see his wife’s name either).  


About four months ago, I submitted a comment to Yad Vashem (for each name) asking where can I obtain a copy of these questionnaires but still didn’t receive an answer.


The Record Details say “the scanned file may be publicly available here after 01.01.2023”. I would guess this means that the documents are already scanned.


Type of material: List of survivors, found in Questionnaire filled out by Leicht Jenő, residing at Csáky u. 20/6, Quarter V, in the context of the Population Census in Budapest, 1945.







I am going to Israel next month and would really like to find these questionnaires. Is the Reading Room/Archives open? Is there a chance that these documents are available at their computers?


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Margarita Lackó

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