Re: Anyone who might have Sheynkmans and or Laifmans and of course Kauffmans in the family tree from Narovyla #belarus #names #dna


See this web page for Narewka.
You can find a separate family page for Levitsky  on this site as well as a link to a Pruzhany Research Project.
There was a gentleman with Varon ancestors from Narewka who was a frequent contributor to this forum in the nineties, and possibly later. His name was Eugene Warren.  He is now deceased.  If you do a search for Varon  in the discussion group archives you can read his messages.

My father was from Narewka.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 4/24/2022 7:07 AM, Jaclynkatz wrote:


I have relatives from Narewka (Belarus) with the names of Ain, Levitsky/Lever/Levatsky and Varon/Waron/Warren. The Gordon’s in my family were Rabbi’s. They are also from Pruzhany. The name of town sounded very familiar. It is also called Narevka.

Jaclyn Katz
Jaclyn Beth Katz

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