Reisner birth records - My grandfather, great grandparents from Zalishchyky, Ukraine #ukraine

Trudi Reisner

I'd like to know if there are birth, marriage, death or any other records for:
  • My grandfather Abraham (Schmiel) Reisner born in (Galicia) Zalishchyky, Ukraine on January 28, 1871, who was a tinsmith. He married Toni/Fani Klein in Kosice in 1897. They had 4 children in Europe before immigrating to NYC in 1902.
  • My great grandfather Naftali/Naftale/Naftalie Reisner born in (Galicia) Zalishchyky, Ukraine in the 1850s, who was a tinsmith or possibly a grain merchant, and died before 1897. Naftali had a brother Yosef/Josef. Naftali was married to Sisel Frime/Friment/Frima. Their children were: Feiga (died at 9 days old), Jakob, Abraham, Esther, and Peje.
  • My great great grandfather, father of Naftali Reisner, possibly born in (Galicia) Zalishchyky, Ukraine in the 1830s, who was a tinsmith.
I'm open to any suggestions. Thank you very much!

Trudi Reisner
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