Re: location of a shtetl in Poland circa 1922 #general

Hap Ponedel

Lenore and Jack,

You have probably found the location of this place by now but I want to share this in case it's instructive. Here is a link showing a map of the region called Congress Poland with known Jewish communities pinned to various localities:
Here is a screenshot of the upper half of the map:

Here is Sokoly in the center of the zoomed image: You can zoom out from here to see its relative position in the Lomza gubernia (province).

Alternatively you can also visit my Jewish town finder for Congress Poland here: At the bottom of the window with the town list are two tabs: towns by county and also alphabetically. If you click the alphabetical tab and scroll the list you will come to Sokoly which is in Mazowieckie county. Click the link to be taken to the map with Sokoly in the center.

I hope you find this helpful. Please write to me if you would like more information on geo-location.

Hap Ponedel
Eugene, OR

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