PRITZKER towns: Obraztsovaya/Stepanovka/Olshanka #ukraine

Susan Miller

Fellow researchers,

I am looking for any information about Obraztsovaya Agricultural Colony in Vasilkov uzed, Veprikovsk volost.  Apparently Obraztsovaya was adjacent to the northern border of Fastov.  I am also interested in any information about Stepanovka 08675 which I think is the Stepanovka in which the Pritzker's lived after leaving Obraztsovaya.  Also, I am interested in any information on a village called Olshanka.

RECORD no. 1:
On an 1882 Revision List, Ayzik Pritzker is designated as a "farmer of the Obraztsovaya colony, Vasilkov Uyezd, Kiev Gubernia."  He and his wife, Zelda and their son Mordko "left before 1895".  The reason for leaving is, "left for Stepanovka".  The town/uyezd/gubernia where the record was recorded is Olshanka, Vasilkiv, Kiev. No ages for the three family members are recorded.

The family narrative in the Pritzker Family Book does not mention Obraztsovaya nor Olshanka.  According to the book, Ayzik/Zelda and their son, David and his wife Rose lived in Stepanovka with their four children, Brina, Ezreal, Leibe and Barney.  Contrary to the 1882 Revision List, no mention is made in the book of Ayzik/Zelda living in Stepanovka.  The book states that Ayzik/Zelda lived 5 to 6 miles from Stepanovka.
Mordko is mentioned in the book. He did not emigrate and lived with his parents.  Stepanovka was a village(?) on the estate of a Polish nobleman.  A researcher suggested that the nobleman was a member of the Branicki family.  They owned Bila Tserkva and areas surrounding Bila Tserkva.  The Pritzker's were the managers of the Stepanovka sugar beet "plantation" and the sugar beet factory owned by the nobleman. (I wonder if Obraztsovaya {23 miles SSE of Bila Tserkva} was also owned by the Branicki family.)

As for Olshanka. There is a village called Olshanka that is 7.5 miles from Stepanovka.  This Olshanka may  be the name of the town that Ayzik/Zelda lived in that was "5 to 6 miles from Stepanovka", according to the Pritzker book.  (I wonder if Olshanka is another village owned by the Branicki family.  Perhaps the family worked for the Branicki nobleman at different locations over a period of years.)

RECORD no. 2
According to a second Revision List (1850), Ayzik's (b.1827) father is Srul' and his grandfather is Duvid.  Ayzik  and Zelda's grandson is listed as Srul' (1849).  A granddaughter named Rasya (1846)  is listed.  I am not certain that this 1850 RL Pritzker family is is the same as my Pritzker's. In the book, no mention is made of a Rasya.  This family may be the generation preceding my Pritzker's. Also, I must mention that according to the Pritzker Book, Ayzik's father is not "Srul'", but Leibe.  However, Ayzik had two grandsons name Ezreal and Leibe.  The "'Srul" could be an error in the transmission of their family history. 

Any information about the Pritzker's and information pertaining to Obraztsovaya/Olshanka/Stepanovka and villages in close proximity to them would be appreciated!  Thank you.

Susan Miller
Philadelphia, PA

Pekar/Burakovskiy - Rozhiv Agricultural Colony, Ukraine
Dorman/Pritzker - Obukhov and Kiev, Ukraine
Bukensky - Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine
Davidov - Pumpian, Pushelot, Lithuania
Miller - Riga, Latvia and Seduva, Lithuania

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