Re: Dolgoselia, 8 miles from Olevsk #ukraine

Hap Ponedel


I specialize in maps and geo-location of towns and villages on historical maps, many of which come from the Library of Congress collection. Dolgosel'ye was easy to find given what was shared above. Here is a screenshot of the place on a Russian military topographic map from 1914:

The number below Dolgoselia represents the number of dwellings present when the military mappers first entered the village taking down their information about the place. This image, published in 1914, is probably at least several years after that event, maybe even a decade. 

The path from the village to Olevsk was circuitous and as you say, NE by several miles. Here is a link to the Dolgoselia section. And here is a link to the Olevsk section.  You will find Olevsk in the upper left hand corner of the map. Both of these map images came from the LoC collection.

We do not have large scale Latin alphabet maps of western Russia, or they are rare to find and came from the German military. Coverage is spotty at best. There is evidence, on the Olevsk section, of a Jewish cemetery which I can point out if you are interested.

It is my hope that Sherri and others will refer me or my website when questions like this come up. I am eager to help people find these places, far off in time and space, where Jewish life was once lived.

Best regards,
Hap Ponedel
Eugene, OR

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