Re: Car and Driver in Lithuania #lithuania

Gail H. Marcus

We were faced with the same problem 3 years ago.  We, too, had made arrangements with a local Jewish guide/genealogist, but she didn't have transportation, and her efforts to get a driver weren't successful.  When we arrived in Vilnius, we took an Uber from the airport to our hotel.  The Uber driver spoke some English, so we asked him if he could possibly drive us around 2 days later.  He said yes.  It worked out very well.  We paid him directly, not through Uber.  He drove us to Daugavpils (Dvinsk) in Latvia, which was our next stop, and dropped us off there with our guide (who hitchhiked back later in the day).  When we started our trip with the driver, we asked him to deviate from the most direct route to Dvinsk because I had identified some small towns a short way off the direct route where a couple of my ancestors came from.  He agreed to that readily, and he was a very safe and conscientious driver, so we were very pleased with him.  

Unfortunately, I can't find his contact information.  I've sent a note to our guide to ask her if she happens to have it.  All I recall was that his name was Mantis.  I don't know if that's a common name in Lithuania, and I have no idea if or how you could get to a particular driver through Uber.  If my guide responds and has the driver's contact information, I'll share it.  If not, I just thought my story might give you another way to find a driver.  If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel might also be able to help.  

Hope some of this helps.

Gail Marcus
Bethesda, MD 

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