Re: Translation request please- gravestone #translation

Odeda Zlotnick

No date of birth or age at death, but there are dates.
The Latin letters, on the bottom in say: "GEST 28 11 1939"  GEST is short for "Gestorben" the German word for died. I think 20 is an incorrect reading.
The Hebrew, though possible misspelled looks like Kislev 5700.  
Checking 28 November 1939 on Hebcal gets you the following Hebrew Date Converter - 16th of Kislev, 5700 - Hebcal
Could the Hebrew be read as 8 Kislev? Yes. 
No DOB, but there's hardly a way the year of death can be a typo.

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

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