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Eran Gindes

Dear all, and Shalom from ישראל

When looking for information on my grandmother's family, who were brutally shot to death during the holocaust, in the JewishGen site, I stumbled upon the Sugihara Database. I had heard before about the heroic act of the Japanese Consul in Kaunas, Mr. Sugihara, who issued visas to Jews and thus saved many lives. I heard that story spoken mainly about the survival of most of the Mir Yeshiva rabbis and studets. I was very surprised though, when the name Rubinsteinas Moze, a Lithuanian citizen, given in 13th Aug popped up. My grandmother's name at birth was Ona Rubinsteinate. She was in British - mandated Palenstine during the war, and thus survived!
I have little faith that this man, which according to the records survived the war, was indeed my grandmother's little brother, but at least, I believe, it is worth finding out.
In the JewishGen web page, there's a fax number of a non-profit organization, which is called Visas for Life Foundation from July 2013, in which one could send inquiries. I found such an organization in Japan, but not in the States. Could someone please tell me if this fax is still a valid number, or is there a website or a phone number or an email address, where I can find more information on the matter?
Thanks and Kol Tuv
Eran Gindes

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