Re: Would people move from Kishinev to Akkerman while modifying last name? #ukraine #bessarabia

Jules Levin

Middle class, and even upper class Jewish families established businesses in many places because only familial connections established trust before modern international banking.  In the 19th Century my greatgrandmother's originally Kovno family Bregovsky/Beregovsky had businesses in St. Petersburg, Helsingfors, Viipuri (Vyborg), Latvia, and England.  My branch traveled to the US "cabin class". 

Jules Levin, Los Angeles

On 5/9/22 8:40 AM, Yefim Kogan via wrote:
Jews in Bessarabia moved to other places by many reasons:  1) Get a job or a better job;  2) Get married;  3) to get some privileges in other places.

I am working on Birth records for Town of Bendery in Bessarabia from 1909 - town  not far from Akkerman.  From 386 records,  I see 41 babies were born to a family (father) who was a Middle Class, registered in Kishinev.  Only 153 families were registered in Bendery.  Other families were from close by gubernias - Podolia, Kherson  but also a number of families registered in Volyn, Minsk, Mogilev, Kiev, Vilno, Lomzha, Sedlets, Warsaw and other gubernias.
My point is that Jews used to move a lot, and not only inside one gubernia, but from far away regions too.

As far as modifying surnames, we know that Jews had reasons for that too, like  to hide under other name from military conscription; also in smaller places (not Kishinev or Akkerman), if a Jewish family let say had 8 children, from that 5 sons...   small town may allow only 1-2 of these sons to  had families in that small place,  the others should move to other place.  That rule apply not to all places, and mostly to small shtetl.  Some decided to change their surnames because of that.

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