Re: Petah Tikva Cemetery - Segula update-found #israel #general

Sharon Ann Dror

Hi there,
I wanted to share with you I decided to write a letter to Mount of Olives looking for Leah (Stampfer) Manischewitz.
They responded with the following links. BINGO - we found her AND her sister Yehudit….both are buried at Har-Hazetim in Jerusalem, Israel.
I am super excited!!!!!!!!
We now have a complete family album of 7 children’s tombstone pictures with Yehoshua and Deicha Stampfer.
AND I have completed 90% of the Nesha Rois & Dov Behr Manischewitz Family Tree as well.  Just a few more loose ends to work on. 
Apparently, Yehudit was married to a Salant and died during her pregnancy. This is the second time the name, Salant, has appeared in our tree as a cousin married into the Binyamin Salanter family so we are related to them through two Stampfer family members. My next project!
Thank you for trying to help me out in finding Leah.

Sharon Ann Dror

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