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My great grandfather's parents changed their surname. My maternal great-grandfather Joseph was born under the name of Rozemblat (rozenblat) in may 1886 in Iasi. His mother Leia (Sin Iancu) died in 1892 as Carp.  For know, I still don't know if he had other brother or daughter name Rozenblat. His father Iancu (yaakov, Ionkil) son of Avram and Dvora continued to use the name of Carp and all the children who had with his other wife have the name of Carp. I only found for the moment, a Leizer Rozenblat (born about 1862, 1865) mentionned in two civils records and I think it was a young brother of Iancu.The family Rozenblat may have come to Iasi from the Minsk region (Iancu was born around 1857) to avoid military service. No Rozenblat mentionned in a list  in 1860.

Does anyone know what could be the reason? look like a Romanian citizen? 

Thanks for your answers ?

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