Help finding information on great parents #unitedkingdom

Nancy N. Smith


My great grandparents were Harris (1842-1922) and Pessah (Betsy) (EISERMANT) (1844-1935) MENDELSOHN.
I’ve been told Harris came to England, in 1884, from Telz, and lived on Pimlott St., Manchester…then moved to Elizabeth St. I don’t know if his wife was with him, or not. The paperwork I’ve been given, by a cousin in England, lists her maiden name as EISERMANT. According to the census’, the family was from Kovno; the British Naturalization document for Samuel shows Shivecksnow, Kovno.

They had 6 children: Samuel, Albert, Annie, Mary, Nellie, Etta. The only one I don’t have information is Mary.

I found headstones for both Harris and Betsy. The translation for Harris’ includes this line: “The beautiful, dear old man / Mr. Tzvi son of Mr. Mendel Gershon”. The translation for Betsy’s incudes this: “the lady Pesha daughter of R’ (for Reb, Mr.) Tzvi”. I’ve researched Mendel, Mendelson, Gershon,and Eisermant and have been unsuccessful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m at a complete loss!

Thank you!

Nancy Newmark Smith

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