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Sheila Toffell

David Cantor, I agree! 
I grew up in Clapton, London E5. Both my parents worked for Joe Scott in his grocery shop in Ridley Road.  My husband's grandparents owned a dress shop across the street. His great aunt worked for a Kosher butcher at the other end of the market.  My mom left work when I was born, but my dad stayed with Joe until my parents invested in a shop of their own in Romford. So I knew Ridley Road well. In the 50's it was a vibrant place to be - everything from many Kosher food shops and stalls to the music stalls of the recent immigrants from the Caribbean. Everyone went to Ridley Road! The majority of men working in the market had fought in WW2, and that was only 12 years or so before things started getting nasty. No wonder that these men were very prepared to take on the fascists when they targeted Ridley Road. I remember my dad had a couple of knuckledusters in his tool box. One he had taken with him when he was called up to the army in case there were  some anti-semites in the ranks. There was another one that he started to leave in his coat pocket in the 50's. That was when he was working in Ridley Road. they were scary times.   For those group members in the US that need clarification of the movement of the Jewish population from NE London, you might want to compare it to the movement from the Lower East Side of NYC, then to Brooklyn and then out to Westchester or Long Island.  In London it was the East End to Hackney, Stamford Hill, Dalston, Stoke Newington etc and then out to the NW suburbs of London or to Ilford in the county of Essex to the North East of London  They were all "Moving on up" - that's all!  As a fellow Bergen County NJ  resident I  suggest the group member from Mahwah look up the info about the Bund in Bergen County, the discrimination, even written into deeds for houses, against Jews buying houses in certain Bergen County towns and the Hitler Youth encampment that was run in the 1930's on the hill behind the quarry near Riverdale on Rt 287, where they were brainwashing poor children to hate those who were not like them and whose parents fell for the free summer camp, new clothes and shoes and good food.  

Sheila Toffell

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