Re: A Hungarian Office Title that Sounds Phonetically Like "Chang-er"? #germany #hungary


Hi Mr Miller                                              13th May 2022.

I-VP- share the thoughts of Marrianna Toth:

In my understanding:  Csendor--( Gestapo)  with two dots on letter 'o' 
in practice meant:
Csendor was     ( Csend--eerie silence--)
Or: Guardian--in practice--Enforcer 
The Guardian of the 'Silence' --
The enforcer of silence:
The presence of a Csendor--induced indescribable --merciless  fears--within Human beings

Never to be experienced by any human beings

Rendor--with two dots on letter 'o' The Guardian of the 'Order' 
The guardian of Everyday-life --like Police.

Wishing you all a wonderful Guth Shabboth

Veronika Pachtinger
20.Shirehall Lane 
London NW4 2PD

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