Seeking correct name and location of "Rosopovitch", Belarus #belarus

Ronald Killian

Subject: Seeking correct name and location of “Rosopovitch” in Belarus 


My wife’s grandfather Morris (Moshe Mordechai) GARELICK was born in Parichi, Belarus in 1888. I have confirmed that the family moved to Bobruisk, about 1895-1897 based on my research (including the recorded birth of a brother in Bobruisk in 1897). Morris immigrated from Bobruisk to Rochester, New York in 1907. A grandniece of Morris recently gave me some notes from her conversation with Morris, in which he said that the family also had resided, when he was a young boy, in Sislovitch (which I believe is Svisloch near Bobruisk) and “Rosopovitch”. This surprised me, because he did not mention these two communities in two oral histories from the 1970s. The family thus would have moved twice between Parichi (residing there as late as 1888) and Bobruisk (1895-97). I have tried locating Rosopovitch or similar-named community but have not found it in Where Once We Walked, other books, and online sources. I expect the village or town would be in the same area as Parichi, Svisloch, or Bobruisk. I appreciate any help in identifying this community and its location.


Ronald Killian

Newton Centre, MA


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